Doctor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Female Veteran Patients


Rajesh Motibhai Patel, a primary care physician at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Decatur, Georgia, has been indicted on multiple counts of violating his patients’ constitutional right to bodily integrity while acting under color of law and for engaging in unwanted sexual contact. 

According to the Department of Justice, between 2019 and 2020, Rajesh Motibhai Patel, a physician at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, allegedly assaulted four of his female patients during routine exams, groped their breasts, and improperly touched their vaginal area.

Investigators believe that Dr. Rajesh Motibhai Patel, 68, of Lilburn, Georgia, may have victimized additional patients. If you have information related to Dr. Patel that could further the investigation, or if you suspect that a particular person may have been one of his victims, you are asked to call the VA-OIG tipline at (770) 758-6646.